Madame Brussels


As you are elevated from the cement world we live in you arrive at Level 3. The elevator doors open and it's like you're seeing life through rose coloured glasses. Madame Brussels' Main Parlour Room is grassed for your comfort.

Did you know we are now serving our fabulous range of cocktails, punches and the Madame's own signature drink from noon everyday of the week?
And to make the drinks even more tasty we have introduced a bigger more glamorous snack menu: Click on "Garden Party" to view our snack menu.

The Hedged Bar

Behind the trellising and hedged bar you shall find many a sweet juice to tantalise one's tastebuds. Stare in wonder at the rare dark spirits or sip from the green fairy.

The Terrace

Our rather fancy terrace looks over the east end of marvellous Melbourne. Church spires, grand old theatres, and of course the turrets of the Windsor Hotel are your cityscape. Recline on a divan as your waiter brings you your own madame's signature DD CUP- go on, relax on the Terrace; enjoy it with splendid company.

Indoor Garden Party

Think Peggy Gugenheim in the 50s, in a Palazzo on the Venetian Grand Canal. Curly Twurly Wurly furniture for propping and preening upon, unbuttoned Chesterfields for your dalmatian. Make no mistake, the lavatories are rather grand.

THE PARLOUR "Up the rear of madame brussels"

Beyond the garden gates is a room of mystery and intrigue. Leave behind the pink haze as you enter our Den of Iniquity, boasting some of the rarest dark spirits in Melbourne including over 20 of the worlds finest rums. Hands up, one asks, who had a copper or brass plate mounted on their loungeroom wall? Did your father collect them with the beer steins that sat upon the hand-carved hunting sideboard? The lights are low, your partner's hand is somewhere it shouldn't be, the hunchbacked man asks if you would like a stiff..... scotch.

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