29th Apartment


29th apartment is a re-creation of an apartment originally inhabited by the infamous Katishe: a salacious struggling artist who worked the local streets by night to support her passion and hopes of one day being discovered for her talents as a painter. A little after the time Jack Kerouac and Sid Vicious rented rundown rooms at New York City’s Chelsea Hotel, Katishe created her own slice of NYC at 29th apartment.

When this gorgeous eccentric walked the dangerous streets at night and brought the rough and tumble men and women back to her place, none of her clients expected the maze of abstract oil paintings that stacked the walls. Fixated with the underground art and cultural movement that Andy Warhol had championed (and perhaps used to being up all night with her trade), most of Katishe’s paintings tell stories from the streets of NYC, the city that never sleeps. Since her mysterious disappearance in the early 80s, 29th apartment has only existed as a memory until 2009 when the current owners of the bar found her self-portrait, ‘Katishe’ as well as remnants of her personal life that are thought to have been part of her night time craft. Paying homage to this hard-working woman, the new owners re-imagined 29 Fitzroy Street as a bar and casual art gallery. With a fish tank that houses a now water-discoloured dildo in the cute bedroom, a decal of a back alleyway that leads to the toilets and a bookcase full of Katishe’s literary inspiration, 29th apartment brings the underbelly of St Kilda and New York together in a blend that can only be understood by taking a look into the heart of Katishe. 29th apartment welcomes you to ring its buzzer and enter into the comfy lounge room for a night of NYC inspired artwork, music, food and beverages.

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