Spice Market


As your host, innovative restaurateur Dean Lucas, synonymous with exquisite style, charm and sophistication, welcomes you to Spice Market, his unique bar, lounge and club. Relish the opulent Middle Eastern and Far Eastern experience of this exotic bar and cocktail lounge, Spice Market, an energised and undeniably dazzling venue.

The lavish Spice Market takes its inspiration from the ancient Spice Route travelled by traders of old, and has been exquisitely furnished to reflect this famous journey from Asia Minor through to the Far East. Honoring the Melbourne tradition of laneways and discovery, Spice Market is entered from Beaney Lane, off Russell Street, adjacent to the Grand Hyatt Melbourne.

Upon entering the subterranean world of Spice Market, you are transported to a more exotic time and place. Owners, Dean Lucas and Robert & Victor Zagame, have travelled the world collecting antiques, unique furniture and objects of art, combing them with luxe fabrics, an abundance of colour, handcrafted ceramic and glass mosaics, rich in every detail.

Spice Market captures the essence of the Middle East and Mediterranean with a mezze style menu that reflects the heritage of the fabled Spice Route and features dishes with a distinctive Oriental flavour. Please remember, we are a bar and not a restaurant, and we do not accept dinner reservations.

To truly indulge in the pleasures of Spice Market and enjoy being treated like a Sultan, book ahead and reserve one of our premium private lounges. Our Persian Rooms (catering up to 10 guests) and Shanghai Lounges (catering up to 6 guests), provide lush, comfortable, semi private refuges. One of our Premium Lounge Attendants will ensure you are well looked after. The ultimate Spice Market experience, suitable for any occasion, is to reserve our most premium lounge, The Dom Pérignon Lounge. This super premium, private lounge accommodates up to 14 guests and includes your own personal attendant, private karaoke facilities, independent air-conditioning and a host of other features. Our most premium lounge, The Dom Pérignon Lounge is waiting to welcome you, where you will be treated like royalty.

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